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General Climate Information

Average Peak Park 1999*          England & Wales 1999 *

Rainfall 1,025 mm/year                 985 mm/year

Sunshine 3.9 hours/day               4.3 hours/day

Temperature 10.3 °C                    10.3 °C

* All figures are supplied by the Met Office and are averages for 1999.

The Peak District National  Park is situated at an altitude of between 100–632m above sea level (asl). Within the National Park altitude is a major factor causing higher rainfall, lower temperatures and lower sunshine hours compared with England & Wales. The topography and surrounding land mass are other factors affecting the weather. However, there are significantdifferences between the North, Southwest and Southeast parts of the Park for sunshine hours and rainfall. The temperature is significantly colder in the higher North and Southwest side of the Park and the wind is significantly stronger in the North part of the Park. Frequent changes to the daily conditions affect the biodiversity, farming, landscape and tourism within the Park.

Temperature (°C)

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Rainfall (mm)

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Average number of wet days

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Daily Hours of sun

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