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Below is a selection of Ordnance Survey maps that cover the Yorkshire Dales  area. The most important being the O.S. Explorer 1:25000;  The Yorkshire Dales Northern and Central Areas and The Yorkshire Dales Southern and Western Areas. The following explorer maps are the OS Active Range which have a protective coating.

Other Traditional Maps Series

Guidebooks traditional and modern Yorkshire Dales guides

Wainwright Guides
– Alfred Wainwright (1907-1991) will always be known for his famous Pictorial Guides to the
Northern English countryside. The Wainwright Society aims to keep alive the things which Alfred Wainwright promoted
through his guidebooks and publications . www.wainwright.org.uk

Below are some of his lovingly crafted guides that cover his favourite parts of the Dales. There also some Pennine Way
guides, The Pennine Way or bridleway is one of England’s “National Trails” and it passes through the corner of the
Yorkshire Dales on its route tracing the rugged backbone of England.

Digital Mapping Resources

  • You can get a specific location OS maps using Ordnance Survey’s:  Getamap Tools
  • You can download Googles free mapping / satellite view software Google Earth:  GEarth
  • Or try Google Maps if you don’t need off road / rural detail: GMaps
  • Open Street Map have another open source alternative to Google Maps: OpenSM
  • Geograph Britain are running a project to add Photos to every OS map grid square in the UK: Geograph
  • GPS Babel is open source gps file format converter and data transfer software:  GPSBabel


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